Samsung Galaxy Note 8 units refuse to charge when battery reaches zero

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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 units refuse to charge when battery reaches zero

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 users are reporting that the phone refuses to charge back after being completely discharged to 0%.

It seems that Apple is not the only brand who is facing criticism for battery problems.

For the time being the issue doesn't seem to be too widespread, and only appears to be affecting users in the United States for the most part, but SamMobile has pulled together numerous forum posts and complaints that suggest this is more than just one or two isolated incidents we're dealing with.

Some people using Samsung's latest phone, the Galaxy Note 8, are complaining that it won't charge.

Meanwhile, reports about the unresponsive Galaxy Note 8 first emerged on Samsung's Community Forums. The company did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Though experts recommend not letting devices with lithium-ion batteries fully drain too frequently - you should try to keep the battery between 40 and 70 percent before recharging it - many of these batteries are regulated and controlled by software.

Samsung will swiftly replace your faulty Note 8 if it's still under warranty, but considering the company was at great pains to emphasise just how much testing the Note 8 battery went through it is a little embarrassing.

In other words, the batteries are not charging up and the phones appear to be "bricked" (dead) because they need a quick jump start just like a dead vehicle battery. I have done this before, more than once, to revive a seemingly dead device. In other cases, the charging icon appears on the phone's screen when placed on a wireless charger or plugged in, but it won't actually charge and still doesn't turn on.

The complaint issued by many users is that as soon as the battery hits 0%, the Samsung Note 8 phones do not accept charging. And then if that doesn't work, take it up with Samsung. Just be glad that the batteries aren't catching fire and burning cars down.

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