ESPN's Katie Nolan Won't Be Suspended For Trump Comments

ESPN's Katie Nolan Won't Be Suspended For Trump Comments

ESPN's Katie Nolan Won't Be Suspended For Trump Comments

Nolan at first says something that is bleeped out entirely - a curious move, considering the un-bleeped profanity that surrounds her comments - before saying clearly that Trump is always giving a thumbs-up because he's "a f-- stupid person".

ESPN has opted to give host Katie Nolan a warning rather than a suspension for her vulgar comments this week about President Donald Trump. It did revise its social media guidelines, imploring its staff to steer clear of politics.

A rep for the network told Fox News: "We have looked into the totality of Nolan's comments, they were inappropriate, and we have addressed it with her".

Nolan's start at ESPN has been a bit slow, but the network seems to have some interesting plans for her in the near future.

All eyes are on ESPN now, as the network was forced to create a new social media policy censoring political statements by its staff after Hill's controversial remark about President Trump prompted outrage.

Nolan hosts digital shows for ESPN, including the Snapchat version of "SportsCenter" and a podcast. "That's because he is a f-ing stupid person".

She has a reputation as a smart, funny, sometimes foul-mouthed opinionist, which is one reason ESPN lured her away from Fox Sports and her late night "Garbage Time" show on FS1. It was scheduled to make its full debut Wednesday.

"ESPN is a journalistic organization - not a political organization". He is now the Editor-in-Chief of Campus Sports.

Whether Nolan faces any punishment remains to be seen and ESPN declined comment to Sporting News. "It can sometimes be hard to control impulses or ignore trolls, but that's what we're called to do for each other".

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