Mamata Banerjee remembers Har Gobind Khorana on birth anniversary

Google pays tribute Indian-american Noble Prize winner Har Gobind Khorana with doodle

Khorana was born in a small village of Raipur Punjab in 1922

In its best traditions, the Google has put forth yet another doodle to honor noted scientists Har Gobind Khorana known for his work in the field of DNA and for constructing the first artificial gene.

The doodle was meant to celebrate the 96th birthday of the biochemist.

- He was born in a small village in Raipur.

Nobel prize victor, Dr. Khorana obtained a degree in Punjab University in Lahore and lived in British India till 1945. Although Khorana's exact date of birth is not known, the Nobel Prize website lists it as January 9, 1922. Through his career, Khorana also conducted research at universities in England, Switzerland, and Canada, and it was at the University of Wisconsin that he and two fellow researchers received the Nobel Prize in 1968. He won Nobel Prize for research on nucleotides and genes.

Khorana married Swiss national Esther Elizabeth Sibler in 1952.

The internet search engine and technology giant Google marks Noble prize victor Indian American scientist Har Gobind Khorana's 96th birth anniversary with a sketch doodle. He, being a widower since 2001, was survived by his children, Julia and Davel.

According to Know Genetics, a nucleotide "is the basic structural unit and building block for DNA".

The Nobel Prize was awarded for the scientists' discovery that the order of nucleotides in our DNA that finds out which amino acids are built. He also researched the structure and function of rhodopsin, a light sensitive protein found in the eye. Khorana died of natural causes in November 2011 in MA, aged 89.

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