Johnny Weir I Don't Forgive Tonya Harding ... 'Did a Horrible Thing'

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Good Morning Britain presenters Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid were speaking to former figure skater Tonya Harding about the release of film I, Tonya, which is based around her career.

The mention of Harding's name drew applause from the star-studded crowd.

"I'd like to thank Tonya for sharing her story with [writer] Steven [Rogers], and allowing him to tell all the different sides of the story ... tell a story about class in America".

You can catch I, Tonya across Australian cinemas on 25th January 2018.

She told The Hollywood Reporter: "You're about to be in a comic book film; now here's the worst-case scenario of how big and scary it can get".

Harding was banned for life from the sport after her ex-husband, Jeff Gillooly, and his co-conspirator, Shawn Eckhardt, hired a hitman to club Kerrigan in the knee with a crowbar after the U.S. Figure Skating Championships in Detroit, Michigan. "You did know what was happening?"

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Margot revealed that she had to beef up her personal security after starring in the role.

Morgan interrupted, "Maybe it suits you to play the victim, but I think the victim in all this wasn't you, it was Nancy Kerrigan who had her Olympic dream shattered, quite literally, in her leg".

"Yes, she was", Harding agreed. "People don't seem to understand what I was going through so that's why I made a decision to do this movie". I, Tonya is in theaters now. Tell a story about a woman who was not embraced for her individuality.

Harding and Kerrigan at a training session in Hamar, Norway, during the Winter Olympics in February 1994.

"Nancy Kerrigan was the victim, she was abused", he responded. It marked the first time she openly stated she knew danger may lie ahead for a fellow skater.

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