Newcastle icon Beardsley denies bullying claims

Peter Beardsley watches Newcastle in the stands

Peter Beardsley watches Newcastle in the stands Credit PA

Winger Yasin Ben El-Mhan, 22, has made a formal complaint to the club over Beardsley alleged bullying of the player and was backed up by a number of statements from other players.

Beardsley, one of the biggest names in Newcastle United's history is at the centre of claims of bullying and racism.

"Peter Beardsley categorically denies the allegations". According to Press Association, a multimedia news agency operating in the United Kingdom and Ireland, Ben El-Mhanni has lodged a complaint against Beardsley. Allegations of unfair treatment have been made, which are now being investigated.

Newcastle United has confirmed its under-23s coach Peter Beardsley will take a period of leave while an investigation into his behaviour is carried out.

Newcastle have not commented on the issue and it is not yet known whether the former Magpies and England star will continue to work with the club's academy players while the probe is ongoing.

The statement said: "Peter Beardsley is aware of inaccurate media reports which result from unauthorised leaks".

Some players also allege that Beardsley accused them of being older than they actually were. It is hoped the investigation will conclude quickly.

Following his retirement, he was offered a coaching role on Tyneside and in 2003 he and academy director Kenny Wharton were cleared after a Premier League inquiry into allegations of bullying made by youth players James Beaumont and Ross Gardner.

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