Over 300 New Overwatch League Skins Available Now In-Game

Overwatch | 4 minutes

Overwatch | 4 minutes

You'll find the skins by clicking on each of the 12 Overwatch League team names-one for each of Overwatch's 26 heroes, which adds up to 312 different skins.

Overwatch League skins are now available on Overwatch's live server.

To celebrate the momentous occasion, Blizzard has put team skins for each of the Pacific or Atlantic aligned teams for characters into Overwatch. By the numbers, the entire wardrobe of skins would cost upwards of $1000, though that would really be for the most obsessive collectors and doesn't really seem to be the point of the whole thing as it's to show support for the team that you root for. Here are a list of the teams (and their owners) who have paid a reported $20 million dollars for rights to participate in the new league.

However, the money you pay won't be going to Blizzard, but instead will be used to fund the actual teams.

In massive news for the esports industry, popular online streaming service Twitch has partnered with the Overwatch League in order to provide a steady outlet to broadcast the league's first two seasons to internet users and esports fans across the globe.

Activision Blizzard said the deal was great "for our growing global fan base". Among those, the Los Angeles Valiant announced on Tuesday that it will compete at the Microsoft Theater in LA Live starting in Season 3, which is owned by one of its investor groups, Anschutz Entertainment Group.

"Our fans love to engage with content on Twitch, and we wanted to drive significant viewership of the Overwatch League in its inaugural season and beyond", said Armin Zerza, COO of Blizzard Entertainment. This exclusivity deal does not apply to China.

The first season of the Overwatch League will run until June, with playoffs and finals scheduled for July.

Hometown pride won't be part of the first season of games, which will all take place at Blizzard Arena Los Angeles, in Burbank, California. And now they won't have any excuse for not planning their lives around the matches as Blizzard has launched an official Overwatch League app for Android and iOS. The full schedule and information about ticket sales can be found at https://overwatchleague.com/ or you can look at the listings down here.

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