Donald Trump vows to shakeup libel laws after damaging book published

The president's new focus on libel comes less than a week after the release of 'Fire and Fury, ' a book by columnist Michael Wolff that the president has called a 'fake book, written by a totally discredited author'. Add Donald Trump as an interest to stay up to date on the latest Donald Trump news, video, and analysis from ABC News.

"My book is about what "fire and fury" actually looks like on the ground - and if people read my book and realized what war actually is, that could have a positive effect", Hansen says.

Michael Wolff's "Fire and Fury" was the top-selling book last week, NPD BookScan told The Associated Press.

Inside the White House, Bannon was viewed as the keeper of Trump's nationalistic flame, charting the progress on the president's promises to his base on dry erase boards in his office. "I consider it work", Trump said. "Ultimately, I was the recipient of his enormous frustration".

"I'm the reason he's out", Wolff responded. For all the seemingly damaging headlines coming out of Steve Bannon's disclosures to Wolff, the book represents a political victory for Trump, one that could improve his party's prospects heading into the midterm elections. From his time sitting on a couch in the West Wing waiting for appointments with different members of the administration - a position he said he got because he "slipped through the cracks" - Wolff said he noticed three "factions". Neither Trump, nor Bannon nor Kushner nor Ivanka Trump had any policy experience. Wolff was noting the fact that some things that sources in the administration told him might not be true, even if his reporting that they said them is. Trump and other White House aides have blasted it as inaccurate trash. Advisers, including Cabinet secretaries and their staffs, who have gossiped and leaked are on notice: Respect the man and the office or seek other employment.

"New York Times's Maggie Haberman, New York Times's John Martin, David Brooks, CNN's Alisyn Camerota, Tony Blair, Tom Barrack, Kate Walsh, Anna Wintour - all denying quotes".

"I don't think you're going to read that book to learn how to resist, or think of ways to deal with the political system", he said.

Trump had tried to prevent the book from being published, instructing his lawyers to issue a cease and desist order.

Regardless of the president's fury, and questions from the media, the book equals money in the bank for Wolff.

But, continues Last, it is surprising that chose the vessel (Trump) over ideas (Bannon).

But since Trump's surprising election victory Bannon's star was already beginning to shine too brightly for a president who craves the limelight. But that law, thankfully, was rightly critiqued at the time and expired two years later, unlamented-by most, at least. "This is the antithesis of an actionable libel claim".

McLean noted that Hillary Clinton's "What Happened", which came out last September, averaged sales of more than 30,000 hardcover copies per day in its opening week.

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