European powers urge United States not to abandon Iran nuclear deal


European powers urge United States not to abandon Iran nuclear deal

Scrapping the deal now would remove important existing constraints on Iran's nuclear program, and would leave the United States in a far weaker position to negotiate meaningful future limits on the program, said the USA think tank report. Trump, as well as Washington's neoconservative establishment, sees little worth in the years of slow-moving diplomacy that led to the landmark accord, which they believe did nothing to curb Iran's provocative behavior in the region. A legislative "fix" Trump requested in October has not materialized.

The individuals with knowledge of Trump's plans say the president isn't planning to reinstate either at this point.

Earlier, European powers urged Mr Trump to uphold that agreement, saying it was vital for global security. "Heated discussions" within the administration and some Republican lawmakers have also taken place.

But Bloomberg also said the Trump administration is preparing new targeted sanctions related to Iran's ballistic missile testing, human rights record and hacking activities. Trump's tweets are already being used by the regime to suggest that these protests are illegitimate and US -sponsored, weakening their appeal inside Iran.

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio and Bob Menendez wrote Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin asking that the federal government to do more to assure US tech companies that they would not be violating USA sanctions if they provide workarounds for protesters to use online platforms that the Iranian government has censored.

In defiance of Mr Trump's efforts to withdraw Washington's involvement, the Europeans have sought to cast the battle to save the deal as important to the principle of non-proliferation.

In his conversation with Trump, Macron reiterated "the determination of France to support the strict implementation of the 2015 Iran nuclear agreement and the importance of it being respected by all signatories", the president's office said in a press release.

He called the deal a "considerable diplomatic accomplishment" and called for worldwide support for the deal. Basically, one side is benefiting from the JCPOA, but it is only Iran that is upholding the promises it had made.

It is unclear whether decertification would open a new window for Congress to impose sanctions on Iran, having forgone the opportunity the first time around. Nor was the United States, even with Iran hawks in power, going to take the extreme actions necessary to help sustain the uprising. The country is in the process of changing. "Whatever happens, the Europeans are very unlikely to go along with the Americans on this". Iranian people have every right to all its dividends... The U.S. not only would defy other members of the United Nations Security Council, which backed the deal, it could hand Iran a pretext to start limiting U.N. inspections or restart its nuclear program.

Another proposal would require snapback if Iran refuses a request from the International Atomic Energy Agency, the U.N.'s atomic watchdog, to inspect a military site not now being monitored. Iran hawks worry that the IAEA won't even ask for such an inspection, fearing a confrontation with Iran. Barack Obama has been raked over the coals for allegedly not supporting Iranian protesters in 2009, but two weeks after the most recent protests began, Trump's ostensible "support" has not made any positive difference for Iranians.

Iran's atomic energy agency suggested that the country could resume and accelerate uranium enrichment if the sanctions are reimposed.

"In the event we are not able to reach a solution working with Congress and our allies", he said over the fall, "then the agreement will be terminated".

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