Queen sacks bra-fitter of 57 years after tell-all book

Queen Princess Diana Rigby & Peller

GETTYQueen Elizabeth II Bra-fitter dropped for revealing details about Prince Harry William and Diana

It was revealed on Tuesday her company lost the royal warrant that it had held since 1960 because she wrote about fitting the Queen, detailing she was half-dressed at the time and that the fitting was carried out in front of her dogs.

June Kenton's autobiography, Storm in a D Cup, published previous year, told of her experiences of fitting bras for the Queen. "Her Majesty calmly flicked on the main light switch, looked out of her window and said she hoped it wouldn't rain, as she had 8,000 people coming for tea".

Ms Kenton insists her autobiography was no tell-all book.

"I never thought when I wrote the book that it would upset anyone".

Lingerie retailer Rigby & Peller in Knightsbridge, London.

A British bra-fitter was stripped of its royal warrant after the former owner released a book disclosing details of the company's private fittings at Buckingham Palace.

For more than 50 years Rigby & Peller has occupied one of the most respected positions in the world of lingerie: that of supplying underwear to the Queen.

She also revealed that Diana, Princess of Wales used to accept posters of lingerie and swim models for Prince William and Harry to put up on their walls at Eton.

Kenton, from Bushey in Hertfordshire, bought Rigby & Peller with her husband in 1982 for £20,000, before selling a majority stake in 2011 for £8m, although she remains on the board.

'Unfortunately when we launched it, it was made out to be a kiss and tell, which it absolutely wasn't.

Rigby & Peller began providing bespoke undergarments to the Queen from 1960, and subsequently provided products to Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother, Princess Margaret and Countess of Snowdon among other royals.

The 82-year-old former bra fitter did not submit a copy of her book to the palace before publishing because she didn't think it was necessary.

The Royal Warrant Holders Association diligently catalogs these esteemed businesses: Burberry, for example, serves as the Queen's official weatherproofers, while Hunter supplies waterproof footwear (aka Wellies). "I pretend to listen to Margaret and then, once she has gone, I order what I want".

"In respect of Royal warrants, we never comment on individual companies", the statement said.

"However, the company will continue to provide an exemplary and discreet service to its clients". She also claimed that there was "no dilly-dallying" in their relationship and that the Queen was "gorgeous".

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