Rape, murder of 7-year-old girl spark outrage in Pakistan

Pakistan       by Haider Ali Sindhu | Published

Pakistan by Haider Ali Sindhu | Published

The minor girl was laid to rest in a graveyard in Kasur after her parents arrived from Saudi Arabia in the evening.

People attend a funeral of a Pakistani girl who was raped and killed, in Kasur, Pakistan, today.

On January 9, a police constable recovered her body from a heap of rubbish.

Soon after she went missing, CCTV footage of the girl being led away by a suspect went viral on social media, said a Dawn report.

This is the worst example of human degradation and such shameful incidents have been taking place in and around Kasur since long but the rulers seem to be totally blind. Regretfully, on Tuesday her dead body was found and postmortem report revealed that poor minor was raped multiple times. "This day marks the funeral of humanity", she said. The people are demanding justice and the world is bearing witness as to whether it will be served.

The Punjab government has offered a reward of 10m rupees (£66,460) for information leading to the killer's capture, as well as compensation for the protesters killed on Wednesday.

Medico Legal Officer Quratulain Attique at the District Headquarters Hospital, where the autopsy was performed, said that this was the fourth such incidence they have witnessed in the last seven months. They blocked various roads and markets. In Rawalpindi, traffic remained suspended for several hours as protesters demanded justice for her. Two people were killed and three others were wounded in the ensuing clashes.

This is the 12th such case in the same 2-kilometer area, the regional police office confirmed, and DNA test results match in at least five of the cases. He said he had no faith in Punjab police to trace the killers of his daughter. "I want justice! I want justice!" the girl's mother told reporters at the worldwide airport in Islamabad.

A number of police officials have been transferred out of the region for failing to investigate complaints of missing children since 2015, when authorities uncovered what they called a paedophile ring linked to a prominent local family, reports Reuters.

Zainab's parents, who were out of the country on a pilgrimage when their daughter was kidnapped, returned home on Wednesday.

The Punjab administration said that six personnel, including four policemen and two civil defence personnel, were arrested for allegedly opening fire at the mob.

In March 2016, Pakistan passed a law against sexual abuse of minors and child pornography, making it punishable by up to seven years in prison. Culprits, involved in any of these incidents, have not been apprehended.

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