Keanu Reeves to appear on John Wick TV series for Starz

JOHN WICK Universe to Blast Onto Small Screen in THE CONTINENTAL

Keanu Reeves to appear on John Wick TV series for Starz

The logline for the series reveals that we'll also be discovering a new branch of the Continental in the television series, this time in Los Angeles (the films introduced us to the New York City Continental, as well as seemingly more ancient satellite in Rome during John Wick: Chapter 2).

John Wick is the latest feature film to get the small-screen treatment.

Starz is developing a television series based on the film franchise starring Keanu Reeves as a hitman. Chris Collins, whose resume runs from The Wire to Man in the High Castle, will write the series and serve as showrunner.

The Continental doesn't have a series order yet, meaning that Starz could still pass on the production. Numerous key behind-the-scenes players from the film series are on board.

The John Wick universe will expand in the series by focusing on the Continental Hotel and the assassins who find refuge under its roof. As for Keanu Reeves as John Wick, "you can expect to see him at some point of the series", according to Starz's head of programming Carmi Zlotnik. It's very tied to the film [in that] it's about the Continentals all over the world, how certain people come into that world, and what happens in relation to those people, which is cool. Key to the reboots is having the original producers involved, which The Continental has with Lionsgate and the John Wick's original producing team. It will be executive produced by Thunder Road Pictures' Basil Iwanyk, John Wick co-director Chad Stahelski, John Wick writer Derek Kolstad, Collins, John Wick co-director David Leitch and star Keanu Reeves.

"The shows and the movies exist side-by-side", Starz President and CEO Chris Albrecht added.

We've been hearing about a potential John Wick spin-off series ever since I interviewed Chapter 2 director Chad Stahelski this time a year ago.

A press release elaborated that The Continental focuses on the inner workings of the hotel.

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