Prius races down Burbank street alongside torrent of mud, debris

IMAGE Burbank Firefighters Local 778

IMAGE Burbank Firefighters Local 778

A driver who rode a wave of muddy water down a twisting street in his auto during a Southern California flood says he is lucky to be alive.

Franklin, who is from Dallas, said he heard rumbling around 6 a.m. on Tuesday and saw something he'd never seen before: "river rapids in the middle of a residential street".

"By that time my whole life was flashing before me, 'Oh, this is not about to happen right here, '" he said.

Franklin says he called into work, and saw the terrifying scene outside his window like a 'torrent of water, and boulders, and rocks, and mud that was a constant flow'.

He helped housemates secure sandbags around the home and then went back to sleep.

Several hours later, he received word that the storm's condition had worsened and that the neighborhood was being evacuated, according to KTLA.

"I got out, pat the bumper a little in the back, put it back in place and kept going", he said. He was in the vehicle at it was hydroplaning, with no steering and no brakes.

Thankfully though, KTLA reports Franklin "managed to get some traction and maneuver the auto to the bottom of the hill, where several other smashed-up vehicles had come to a rest after similar journeys".

"They looked like wadded-up pieces of paper", he said. 'You couldn't even recognize what it was to begin with'. With its headlights and windshield wipers on, the vehicle could be seen in the 26-second video going down Country Club Drive surrounded by a rush of mud, water and debris. He told KTLA, "I didn't even know a Prius could hold up in nothing like that". "Barely made it out", he writes alongside the video.

Burbank firefighters later said they became trapped in the area of Deer Canyon and Sunset Basins as flowing mud made it impossible for residents to leave their homes.

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