Ryan Murphy responds to criticism from Versace family

Ryan Murphy

Ryan Murphy responds to criticism from Versace family

In a statement this week, the Versace family distanced themselves from the show. He committed suicide days after slaying Versace.

If Federico Fellini had ever visited South Beach, the result might have been something like The Assassination Of Gianni Versace-a long, horrified gaze at the corrupting effect of celebrity, not just on those who possess it, but on the culture in which they dwell. "We stand by the meticulous reporting of Ms. Orth", FX and Versace's production company, Fox 21, said in a statement per TV Guide. The statement calls the book "full of gossip and speculation" and "full of contradictions".

The Versace family has another bone to pick with "The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story". Edgar Ramirez will play Gianni Versace, while Darren Criss will play Cunanan.

Maybe it would have been more accurate if the Versace family has been involved or authorized anything to do with the TV series, but they said they have not had any input into the project.

The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story will be released on January 17.

The family challenges in particular Orth's claim that Versace was HIV-positive. FX released a statement saying they "stand by the meticulous reporting of Ms. Orth", and Murphy said the book "has been vetted for nearly two decades".

Orth, states Versace, "in making her lurid claims", ignores "contrary information provided by members" of the designer's family, who "lived and worked closely with him and were in the best position to know the facts of his life".

The family then condemned the TV series in its entirety for taking Orth's book as a work of nonfiction. "Gianni Versace was a courageous and honest man, who engaged in humanitarian work for the benefit of others". As the media scrambled to make the connection between high-profile victim and shadowy assailant, it was Orth who broke the news that Cunanan claimed to have known the fashion superstar-perhaps more intimately than Versace's handlers were comfortable admitting publicly. "Of all the possible portrayals of his life and legacy, it is sad and reprehensible that the producers have chosen to present the distorted and bogus version created by Maureen Orth".

The statement concludes by praising the fashion designer while further insisting that American Crime Story does not have the family's blessing.

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