Steve Bannon steps down from Breitbart

Steve Bannon

Steve Bannon steps down from Breitbart

Although Bannon was sacked from his White House position by Trump in August, he had been a close Trump associate since he joined the Trump campaign and helped the political novice defeat Democrat Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election. "Kasowitz has gotten him out of all kinds of jams", Bannon reportedly said.

He is quoted as saying that Trump Jr. committed treason by his dealing with the Russians and that Ivanka was stupid as a brick.

But applying this rule that when push comes to shove Trump ultimately only cares about himself and his family also helps explain why Bannon's demise does not mean the end of Trumpism.

Former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon will appear before the a House committee next week for an interview in regards to the Russian Federation probe. Bannon has agreed to an interview with the committee, which is investigating Russia's election meddling and links to the Trump campaign.

US President Donald Trump walks to Marine One before leaving the White House on January 5, 2018. He said Wolff's portrayal of the president as an "idiot surrounded by clowns" is an "incomplete and unsatisfying sketch".

Bannon made the remark about the 100 women as part of a larger discussion about the president's top advisors, some of whom he disparaged at length in Wolff's controversial book, " " which the president has condemned as "full of lies, misrepresentations and sources that don't exist".

To the editor: The only forces that can control President Donald Trump are the Cabinet and the Republicans in Congress. But the biographer also conceded that "distortions" by Trump and frequently unreliable information from his team can make finding the "true" Trump hard. The White House has called her accusation "totally false and ridiculous". It gives investigators a chance to talk to someone who spent months as one of Trump's closest advisers, the news agency said.

"If he was unfit, he probably wouldn't be sitting there and wouldn't have defeated the most qualified group of candidates the Republican Party has ever seen, " she said, calling him "an incredibly strong and good leader".

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