Tonya Harding nearly walks out of Piers Morgan interview

Tonya Harding nearly walks out of Piers Morgan interview

Tonya Harding nearly walks out of Piers Morgan interview

And though each performer can be amusing and charming, that switch can be flipped quickly to deliver hard-hitting realism that does away with any chance of "I, Tonya" being confused with satire or camp. "I don't want her anywhere near my son".

Ironically, Price's NYT profile ends with the author Taffy Brodesser-Akner writing, "With her head against my chest, I leaned down and hugged her".

Tonya Harding's representation just took a shot to the knees.

"Who is Tonya Harding?" is the unspoken question at the heart of director Craig Gillespie's darkly comic biopic, depicting the rise-and very public fall-of the two-time Olympic figure skater more renowned for her involvement in a 1994 assault on fellow skater Nancy Kerrigan than her considerable professional accomplishments.

Following Harding's appearance at the Golden Globes alongside Margot Robbie, who portrays the disgraced former figure skater in the movie Kerrigan is finally commenting on the movie. Her loyal agent/publicist Michael Rosenberg resigned today over Tonya's insistence that reporters be fined $25,000 if they ask her anything about the past.

Rosenberg, who represented Harding during the I, Tonya promotional tour, revealed the demand in a Facebook post (via Twitter) on Thursday.

At this moment, numerous original players from the film I, Tonya have weighed in on what they think about Craig Gillespie's directorial biographical black comedy film. "I'm a human being and it hurt my heart", she said next, referencing the media. "I didn't abuse any of my children", Golden hit back in a rare interview with ABC News. "Once I knew how I was going to do it, where everyone was going to say what their point of view was, then I didn't care".

HollywoodLifers, what did you think of Harding's interview? "It makes you cringe, hearing it", Harding said.

If dredging up that tawdry subject all these years later seems tabloid-worthy, and little else, you should also know that the movie is a meditation on the elusiveness of truth. That "wildly contradictory" claim that starts the film defines the whole thing, and we therefore approach what we're told with a healthy dose of skepticism. Harding also denied planning to injure Kerrigan and asked to remain on the U.S. Olympic team.

The Olympian told the paper she's been "busy" and it sounds like she's not been keeping up with all the hubbub that has thrust Harding back into the spotlight and earned her an invite to last weekend's Golden Globe Awards. "Spanked? Yes, [I] spanked", she admitted, adding, "Absolutely, positively you [have] got to show them right from wrong".

Their conversation eventually cooled down a bit, with Harding continuing to deny she had anything to do with the 1994 attack on Kerrigan, in which she was beat with a police baton just one day before the U.S. National Figure Skating Championships. I genuinely thought we were these people and we were off the set, running down the street screaming at each other and the cameras are running after us.

When it comes to Tonya herself, Robbie's performance is by necessity much harder to pin down. She alleges that her mother "dragged me into the bathroom and beat me with a hairbrush, literally".

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