Man kills mother after video game tantrum

Calif. Man Held for Shooting Killing Mother After Video Game Argument

Ceres Police Department

A 28-year-old man playing a video game in his bedroom threw a fit, broke his headset, then picked up a gun and killed his mother, according to police in the US.

28 year old Matthew Nicholson is now in custody after allegedly shooting, and killing, his mother over a broken gaming headset following a heated argument that led to he himself breaking it. The motive was reportedly putting his mother accountable for breaking his headphone.

Nicholson grabbed a handgun from inside home and fired two rounds into a wall before turning the gun on his mother and shooting her in the head.

Yotsuya told FOX40 this was the second time in six months that police have been called to the home for a fight between Matthew Nicholson and his parents.

Matthew Nicholson blamed his mother for the broken headset, then threatened to kill both her and his father. "Speechless", said Ron Kutzman, a neighbor of the Nicholson family.

"I understand that he would've killed the father too, but the gun jammed".

Without a weapon anymore, police said, Matthew Nicholson fled in a vehicle, leaving his parents to their misery.

The 68-year-old woman later died from her injuries at the hospital, officers said.

The suspect fled in a vehicle to the home of a family member in Riverbank, where officers spotted his auto and stopped him.

Nicholson was booked into the Stanislaus County Jail for homicide where he is being held without bail. News cameras joined them, and investigators came and went. "Was it the video game or was there something else going on".

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