PAAS chief Hardik Patel, Congress leader Arjun Modvadia meet 'missing' Pravin Togadia

VHP activists outside Chandramani Hospital in Ahmedabad

VHP activists outside Chandramani Hospital in Ahmedabad

International Working President Pravin Togadia, who went missing on Monday, January 15, and was later found in an unconscious state the same evening, has claimed that he received a tip off that he will be killed in police encounter and there is a threat to his life, and that his voice is being suppressed through threats of violence and false court cases.

"I am being targeted for a decade-old case, there is an attempt to suppress my voice".

City police formed four teams to locate Togadia, a "Z plus" category protectee.

If Togadia indeed had people informing him about every move of the police, he sure has the access to know on whose orders the alleged encounter plan was hatched.

Togadia was brought to Chandramani Hospital at Shahibaugh, Ahmedabad, in an unconscious state at around 9.20 pm.

During the interaction with the media, Togadia revealed that at a time when he was performing morning prayers, a VHP sympathiser alerted him that the Rajasthan Police along with the Gujarat Police personnel were coming to arrest him with an intension to kill him in a fake encounter. And Rajasthan Police went to his him with the arrest warrant against him for a hate speech case of 2015.

Togadia was found unconscious in a hospital in Shahibagh locality in Ahmedabad late on Monday after being reported missing in the day earlier. After the news spread, a number of VHP leaders and workers reached the hospital, to enquire about the VHP chief. On Tuesday, doctor said that his health was stable. "I got another call saying that a team of Rajasthan police was looking for me and to avoid any untoward incident after my arrest I left my office (VHP headquarters at Paldi) and told a security guard that I will be back", he said. How and why are Rajasthan and Gujarat Police forces following such orders?

When asked who was planning to attack him, Togadia refrained from blaming anyone and said he will openly talk about the names with evidence.

On 29 June 2017, Togadia had written a letter to the director of the Intelligence Bureau, copied to the prime minister and the home minister, about "snooping on, questioning and investigating" volunteers of a VHP helpline in many states. The sources also felt the Congress attempt to fish in troubled waters would only further weaken Togadia's cause.

"I have been raising my voice for Hindus".

VHP leader Praveen Togadia addressing a press conference today.

Apart from Modhwadia, a vocal critic of the VHP's Hindutva ideology, Patidar quota agitation leader Hardik Patel also met Togadia separately. Why were the summons not made available to me despite my presence in Ahmedabad?

"Since 2001 when Narendra Modi became the chief minister and 2002 post Godhra riots, the charm of Pravinbhai started to fade".

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