BOILING POINT: Syria Threatens ISRAEL with 'Surprise' Attacks

39;Please attack'

39;Please attack'Dr. Eddy Cohen

The paper wrote "the Israeli military released video it said shows an Iranian drone in Israeli airspace on February 10, before it was destroyed by an Israeli attack helicopter". On Feb. 10, an Iranian drone crossed into Israeli territory and was shot down. This turned out to be the largest Israeli attack on targets in Syria since the civil war began in 2010.

Combustible elements to ignite an Israeli-Iranian war are now in place in Syria.

Israeli forces then launched a second wave of attacks.

Israel would not hesitate to act against the Bashar Assad regime should Assad allow Iran a military base from which to attack Israel from Syria, an Israeli security official said.

Syria and Hezbollah celebrated the F-16 shoot-down as a blow to Israeli military superiority.

Iran, according to Goldberg-who was the author of the toughest sanctions imposed on Tehran before the nuclear deal was agreed to in 2015-doesn't know what to make of President Donald Trump. Most of the missiles fired at the Israeli planes were of Russian manufacture, the IDF said Saturday night, with the missile that hit the Israeli fighter jet an older version of a missile. It is clear that each side has its own interests. He also told Washington Post that he was " against any attempt by Iran to establish military bases in Syria or anywhere else".

According to Israel, the drone is a reverse-engineered copy of the stealthy U.S. RQ-170 Sentinel UAV lost over Iran in 2011.

So far, other European countries have remained largely silent on the latest Israel-Iran-Syria military clash. Tehran seeks to exert significant influence in the region-not only over Israel, but also over other Iranian rivals-and control a land corridor that weaves from Tehran to Iraq to northern Syria, ending in the Mediterranean port city of Latakia.

"God willing they will see more surprises whenever they try to attack Syria", Sussan said during a Damascus news conference.

Israel retaliated with airstrikes deep within Syrian territory.

Indeed, a quick look at the map shows that, if successful, Iran would have influence over of a big chunk of the Middle East, allowing Shiite, Persian Iran to threaten more Sunni Arab states and almost encircle American ally, Israel. He says that Israel has enough power and alliances to be less vulnerable to threats. In Syria, in particular, there are numerous powers in conflict. The tussle between Israel and Iran is one of these streams of competitive politics and strategic interests. Or, they can have negative results, and expand the conflict.

Can Israel count on the backing of the United States in a direct confrontation with Iran in Syria?

All of this points to further conflicts between Israel and Iran's Shia crescent, with the USA being notably missing in the conflict as they focus on exterminating the remnants of ISIS. This has been brought up in its recent meeting with the United States and Russian Federation.

He added, "This event is the first of its kind in tens of years". Again, "Why does the media feel obliged to present the Israeli aggression as being Iran's fault?" In today's reality of information warfare, such an image indicates a highly meaningful accomplishment.

It may be, however, that Syria's air defenses are not so decisively destroyed as Israel's Air Force suggests, and with Russian Federation having supplied the initial air defenses, it's likely that Russian Federation might come up with yet more air defenses to cover Syrian airspace, and might be warning Israel away from further attacks. But is Israel really looking for a fight?

Last but not least, Russia's stance is going to be defining the nature of the conflict between Israel and Iran.

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