Overwatch's Widowmaker is Getting a new Kerrigan Skin for Starcraft's 20th Anniversary

Battlecruiser pet for Diablo 3  


           Kerrigan Ghost skin for Overwatch

Battlecruiser pet for Diablo 3 Kerrigan Ghost skin for Overwatch

To celebrate this milestone, players can garner in-game rewards across all of Blizzard Entertainment's current games throughout the month, ending the festivities with an anniversary stream.

StarCraft, which Blizzard introduced to the world on March 31, 1998, is soon turning 20 years old.

To soften the blow to those of us now scrabbling around for our dentures, Blizzard is celebrating Starcraft's birthday by giving away some goodies for all of the games its players love. Additionally, for the second game, you can receive a special portrait and decal anytime between March 6 and April 3.

When it comes to RTS games, it's hard not to think about Blizzard's StarCraft.

Logging into StarCraft: Remastered and StarCraft 2 after March 6 will get you some commemorative interface skins.

Ending the celebration will be a video feature called StarCraft is Life: A Celebration, which will be viewable on YouTube on March 31st, and the aforementioned anniversary stream, which will take place on March 30th and March 31st on Twitch. Sarah Kerrigan was a psychic terran female who began her career as a Confederate ghost, later becoming the second-in-command of the Sons of Korhal before being captured and turned into the scary Queen we all know and love.

Meanwhile, Hearthstone players will be able to win three packs from the Kobolds & Catacombs set by playing a StarCraft-inspired Tavern Brawl, which will run from March 21 to March 25.

Meanwhile, there are rumors that Blizzard is working to roll out Diablo III to the Nintendo Switch, but the developer has not yet made an official announcement.

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