For Honor's dedicated console servers roll out today

For Honor PS4 and Xbox One Dedicated Servers Launching Tomorrow

For Honor PS4 and Xbox One Dedicated Servers Launching Tomorrow

Originally announced last month alongside "Age of Wolves", For Honor's fifth content season, the server change is no doubt a welcome one for those who play the game and should result in more stable connections in multiplayer.

Nearly a year ago, Ubisoft claimed that it would be adding dedicated servers to its historical brawler For Honor. Are you glad that dedicated servers are finally launching for the PS4 and Xbox One version of the game? Ubisoft tout that resyncs and host migrations have been entirely eliminated, leading to higher match completion rates across the board.

The dedicated servers will be switched on today, March 6th, after server maintenance has been completed. The transition to dedicated server infrastructure for the game is aimed at improving matchmaking and overall stability across all PvP modes.

When dedicated servers roll out on consoles tomorrow, the servers will also include all of the fixes implemented since they were added on PC, so players will have an even smoother time from the start.

According to Ubisoft, this will bring several improvements to For Honor's online experience on consoles.

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