Death Toll Due To Flu Now Stands At 184 In Arkansas

Death Toll Due To Flu Now Stands At 184 In Arkansas

Death Toll Due To Flu Now Stands At 184 In Arkansas

The number of laboratory-confirmed cases of flu now stands at 16,986 as of the state's March 9 report, an increase of 1,215 from the year-to-date figure for the week ending March 2.

The CDC does not keep an exact count of adult flu deaths, but says more than 50,000 can die in a severe season like this one.

Earlier this year both hospitals had discouraged visits by children, non-family members or anyone exhibiting flu-like symptoms.

As of March 3, flu remained geographically widespread in 34 states, down from 45 the week before, and was causing high levels of illness in 21 states, down from 32, CDC said. Central Oklahoma as a whole, which includes Cleveland County, has also had 33 deaths since flu season began.

A dozen new flu deaths were reported in North Carolina on Thursday, bringing the total number of deaths for the season to 276.

The prominent virus is H3N2, an "A" strain, according to state public health officials.

Of the 112 deaths, 85 were linked to influenza A, and 27 to influenza B.

Over 1.21 million doses of flu vaccine have been administered to Albertans.

Carteret Health Care staff worked with county schools, the community college and urgent care centers to monitor the spread of flu, and all have reported a decrease in flu-like illnesses in the past two weeks.

He explained that for a pandemic to happen, there needs to be a "dramatic shift" in the flu virus - something we can expect to see roughly every 20 to 40 years. "Current surveillance by the World Health Organization (WHO) and other institutions revolves around the 6-8 month egg-substrate vaccine timeline".

"I'm seeing much fewer cases involving the flu, but yes, I do ask patients if they've had the vaccine and strongly recommend it still", Mask said.

"If you still have not had your flu shot this season, go get one because the flu will stick around for the next several weeks", he said.

Also known as avian flu, three strains have caused concern in recent years - H5N1, H7N9 and H5N6.

Cabaj said the effectiveness of the flu vaccine against the dominant strain has been lower than health officials would like.

"Our vaccines are based on our best prediction of matching what we think are going to be the prevailing circulating strains", Director Dr Nicky Turner told Newshub Nation.

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