The White House's Violence In Video Games Video Is Pure Amateur Hour

The White House's Violence In Video Games Video Is Pure Amateur Hour

The White House's Violence In Video Games Video Is Pure Amateur Hour

Baldwin said Thursday that the tariffs send "a strong message to bad actors like China" but also called for Trump to exempt European trading partners and do more to "target China's cheating". Thursday's session was closed to media shortly before it began, when an unrelated event was added to Trump's schedule. It would be a more convincing argument if his administration hadn't been continually limiting people's access to and understanding of mental health, while simultaneously making it easier for the mentally ill to get guns. 'Video games are plainly not the issue: entertainment is distributed and consumed globally, but the USA has an exponentially higher level of gun violence than any other nation'.

"Scientists have investigated the use of violent video games for more than two decades but to date, there is very limited research addressing whether violent video games cause people to commit acts of criminal violence", said Dr. Mark Appelbaum, task force chairman.

"There exists in this country a callous, corrupt and corrupting shadow industry that sells, and sows violence against its own people", said the NRA's Wayne LaPierre, blaming "vicious violent video games" as well as "bloodsoaked films". Trump promised the discussion would be an open forum to hear both sides of the story, and Rolling Stone has managed to post several notes about what went down. In a conference call, PTC program director Melissa Henson said about the meeting "the tone in the meeting was information-gathering".

Instead of putting the focus on the real issue and that is assault rifles like the ar-15 that was used to gun down 17 unarmed kids and teachers, Trump instead set hits un-tanned eyes on the video game industry.

It appears that despite the meeting, no further action will be seen from the White House nor the video game executives regarding the matter.

Further, today's video game players are not the stereotypical teenage boy living in his parent's basement, McLean noted. Trump was still hearing last-minute pleas from opponents of the tariff plan, and White House officials said they couldn't predict how the day would shake out. "The upcoming meeting at the White House, which ESA will attend, will provide the opportunity to have a fact-based conversation about video game ratings, our industry's commitment to parents, and the tools we provide to make informed entertainment choices". House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders indicated that part of the discussion would be whether there is a causal link between on-screen mayhem and real-life aggression.

The video game industry has said there is no evidence of a connection between its product and violent conduct.

Executives from the video game industry were on hand, among them two CEOs of video game publishers and representatives of the Entertainment Software Association and the Entertainment Software Rating Board.

The process of announcing the penalties has been the subject of an intense debate and chaotic exchanges within the White House, pitting hard-liners against free trade advocates such as outgoing economic adviser Gary Cohn aiming to add more flexibility for USA trading partners.

In their book Moral Combat: Why the War on Video Games Is Wrong, Patrick M. Markey, a professor of psychology at Villanova University, and Christopher J. Ferguson, a professor at Stetson University, disputed views like those expressed by Bevin. The academic community has warned us for over 60 years of the real-life impact of violent media content, yet in the five years since Newtown, TV violence has increased substantially.

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