Trump banned from violent computer games

A former banker and Hollywood producer US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin is intensely loyal to Donald Trump and in public remarks has tried to soften the president's confrontational

Trump banned from violent computer games

President Donald Trump met with video game industry leaders on Thursday to talk about the connection between violence and video games.

Executives from the video game industry were on hand, among them two CEOs of video game publishers and representatives of the Entertainment Software Association and the Entertainment Software Rating Board.

The Entertainment Software Association released a statement saying studies "have found no connection between games and real-life violence" and noting that games are played in other countries that don't have the same level of gun violence.

"He asked a lot of questions and he raised concerns with the violent nature of these games and asked the question: Is this causing the kids to have (this) violent behavior?" said Rep. Vicky Hartzler, R-Mo.

The list of people going to the "Video Games" summit is... weird, but in addition to everything else The White House doesn't seem to know that Pat Vance - that is to say, Patricia Vance @patriciaevance - is a woman. The video was shown to attendees at the beginning of the White House's meeting about violent video games, The Washington Post reported Thursday.

The objective of the meeting will be 'to discuss violent video-game exposure and the correlation to aggression and desensitization in children, ' White House spokeswoman Lindsay Walters said.

It's clear that no decisions, or honestly anything of substance, were determined in the hourlong meeting Thursday, but the return of anti-game arguments does nothing but distract from real issues that need to be addressed and empower voices that seek to subvert protected speech with which they don't agree.

It was the latest mass shooting in a country with more than 30 000 gun-related deaths annually.

Predictably, Trump invited zero scientists or respected researchers to the summit, instead stacking it with outspoken video game critics and a trio of Republican lawmakers. After weeks of public deliberation - including expressing support for some gun control measures - Trump has not yet outlined what he would like to see in legislation. On the other side, the majority of the group cited studies supporting their position that there is a correlation between violent videogames and acts of violence, even though no scientific studies supporting these claims actually exist. Critics of the industry called for regulations that would make it hard for youths to buy violent games, and some asked Trump to widen the discussion to include violent movies and TV shows.

"We welcomed the opportunity today to meet with the President and other elected officials at the White House". It deemed games to be speech protected by the United States constitution's First Amendment.

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