Lower Priced 13-inch Retina MacBook Coming in June

Lower Priced 13-inch Retina MacBook Coming in June

Lower Priced 13-inch Retina MacBook Coming in June

According to the report, the 13-inch MacBook will feature a 2560×1600 panel, with a 226 PPI density - the same as the 13-inch MacBook Pro. This is the same as the current generation MacBook Pro.

However, if this new MacBook is not in the "Air" family, it is likely we could see two new entry-level prices for the Air and Retina MacBook lines. These start at a much more entry-level price of £949 ($999) compared to the Pro's £1,249 ($1,299).

A new report suggests Apple is readying a new "entry-level" 13-inch MacBook with a Retina Display that will be priced at around the same level as the current MacBook Air.

Additionally, the source claims that the panels are going to be sourced from LG Display due to issues from Apple's Chinese supplier.

Perhaps when the new accessibly priced MacBook reaches the market in June it will sport one of Apple's new patented keyboard designs.

Whilst it seems like it will be cheaper than the current 12-inch MacBook which costs $1299, Digitimes is not very precise when it comes to pricing.

As for the timeframe for the arrival of this new machine, it's expected to enter mass production at the end of May, which would point to a reveal at WWDC in June.

Apple's hardware release schedule is becoming more and more unpredictable, but in addition to at least three new iPhones, several refreshed iPads and MacBooks are widely expected out in the next few months by an increasing number of analysts, tech pundits and alleged insiders.

70% of the orders will be handled by Quanta and 30% by Foxconn and Apple is likely to ship between four and six million units in 2018. The report also mentions that Apple's affordable 9.7-inch iPad and an upgrade to the iPad Pro will launch in the second half of 2018.

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