Paranormal … Alexa - Amazon's digital assistant laughs and spreads fear to its users!

Now you can have a conversation with Alexa without screaming ‘Hey Alexa’ for every requestMore

Now you can have a conversation with Alexa without screaming ‘Hey Alexa’ for every requestMore

Up to now, calling via Alexa has been limited to Echo devices and smartphones.

Amazon recently made it easier for Alexa users to ask follow-up questions.

If you have a habit of peppering Alexa with multiple questions and commands, then you've probably gotten used to saying "Alexa" over and over to keep waking her up.

The basic idea is simple, and obvious in hindsight. This follows a problem last week where Amazon Alexa stopped working altogether and wouldn't respond to voice commands at all and essentially lost her voice. To get Alexa calling and messaging on your tablet, you just need to download the latest version of the app. The company suggested in an email that the laughs had occurred "in rare circumstances" because the speaker was picking up a "false positive" for the command "Alexa, laugh".

There were even claims that when a user told Alexa to turn off the lights, the AI assistant "refused" to and laughed while doing the opposite. Just head to the Settings page of the app, select the device you want to configure, find Follow-Up Mode and tap the toggle to switch it on. This was the same reason why one of Amazon's solutions was to scrap the "Alexa, laugh" prompt and replace it with the more specific "Alexa, can you laugh?" phrase. So, if you see the blue ring at the top of your device, you know Alexa is still listening. If no follow-up question is being asked, the device will restore to the sleep mode.

After purchasing an Amazon Alexa-enabled device, you may have found yourself saying the wake word "Alexa" more times in a given day than you're comfortable with. The feature appears to be an option for the entire Echo lineup, as well as some third-party Alexa devices, though it's now only available for US English.

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