Bound flight makes emergency landing at Sunport

Bound flight makes emergency landing at Sunport

Bound flight makes emergency landing at Sunport

A Dallas-bound flight from Phoenix made an emergency landing at Albuquerque International Sunport, sending panicked passengers leaping from a wing onto the tarmac after crew members screamed at them to get away from the aircraft, passengers and officials said.

An initial investigation indicated an electrical fire on board, according to an airport spokesperson.

This disputes earlier reports of the flight being diverted due to cabin smoke, possibly caused by an electrical fire. Everyone was safely evacuated.

Most passengers on the original flight made it to Dallas' Love Field Monday morning, CBS Dallas Fort-Worth reported.

The flight was headed to Dallas Love Field when the incident happened. The extent of their injuries was not immediately known.

Emergency vehicles were on the runway to tend to the plane and the passengers. Then, flight attendants began telling everyone on-board they would be making an emergency landing and to keep their heads down. However, he did say the plane came to an abrupt stop once it touched down and several fire trucks were already waiting on their arrival. "The diverted aircraft will remain in Albuquerque until our Mechanics inspect and clear its return to service", added the statement.

According to Southwest Airlines, five customers requested medical attention.

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