Hit-and-run confrontation caught on camera in Miami

Hit-and-run confrontation caught on camera in Miami

Hit-and-run confrontation caught on camera in Miami

As he crossed Biscayne Boulevard and Northeast 36th Street, he crashed into two more vehicles.

The aftermath of the crash saw the driver of a badly damaged silver Infiniti SUV reverse the auto out of the scene of the crash, as the driver tried to hit-and-run. In cellphone video that began after those crashes, we can see Lagutenko attempt to leave the scene.

Oleg Maxwell Lagutenko, 25, is accused of crossing a median into oncoming traffic and hitting another vehicle.

"That's insane. You know, you have a crash, you stop", witness Anthony Jimenez told Local10. And, lo and behold, one man just jumps out of his white van with a sledgehammer and starts going to town on the vehicle. In the video, one man screams, "Don't move".

One man tries to open the passenger-side door of the vehicle, but breaks off the handle. Other drivers can be seen trying to block the auto.

Police said Lagutenko was arrested after a Fire Rescue crew that was treating him stopped at the crash site and asked the officer who was taking the accident report whether their patient was involved in the crash.

But the driver would not pull over, so the cop backed off because of the Miami PD's no-chase policy for non-violent crimes.

Even though the SUV was damaged in the crash, the driver put the vehicle in reverse and began moving away from the scene, according to the video.

Despite the man's attempt to flee, police say he was ultimately found and taken into custody.

Lagutenko was charged with reckless driving, leaving the scene of an accident causing property damage, and fleeing and eluding a police officer.

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