Joy Behar to apologize to Christians about Pence joke

House Speaker Paul Ryan US President Donald Trump and VIce President Mike Pence                     Image Alex Wong

House Speaker Paul Ryan US President Donald Trump and VIce President Mike Pence Image Alex Wong

Joy Behar of "The View" has today apologized to viewers and Vice-President Mike Pence for comments she made about Christianity and mental illness.

On an episode of "The View" last month, Ms. Behar agreed with co-host Sunny Hostin's discomfort with "my vice president, um - speaking in tongues and having Jesus speak to him".

Behar responded: "It's one thing to talk to Jesus".

Joy Behar of "The View" is apologizing for comments she made for equating people's claims that Jesus Christ talks to them to mental illness.

"That would make me mentally ill since I'm a Christian myself", she said when asked if she believes "Christians are mentally ill" the following day. "She called me. She was very honest, and she apologized and one of the things my faith teaches me is grace; forgive as you've been forgiven". "I sincerely apologize for what I said".

"I think Vice President Pence is right".

"You know, I give Joy Behar a lot of credit", Pence told Fox News' Sean Hannity on Monday.

"What do you say to the tens of millions of Christians, and President Trump supporters, that your networks have so blatantly offended and ascribed hateful labels?" shareholder Justin Danhof asked Iger. "I'm a great admirer of Mike Pence and his family", she said.

Last week, Disney CEO Bob Iger told company shareholders that Behar had called Pence to apologize.

"It's just simply wrong for ABC to have a television program that expresses that kind of religious intolerance".

Brent Bozell of the Media Research Center, which urged Christians to write and call ABC, said Behar's private phone apology is inadequate. "She made a call to him and apologized, which I thought was absolutely appropriate".

Iger told the crowd he was "glad to hear" Behar apologized because he "takes exception" to what she said.

By the end of February, the MRC's campaign had led to at least 30,000 calls insisting that Behar apologize, as well as 6,000 calls to the daytime show's sponsors, according to Fox News.

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