Netanyahu: Iran nuclear deal paved way for nuclearization of entire Mideast

Binyamin Netanyahu

Binyamin NetanyahuReuters

According to the report, US President Donald Trump told Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu during their meeting last week that the changes the Europeans had proposed to the 2015 agreement were "cosmetic" in nature and not substantive, and were therefore unacceptable.

Trump has pointed to three defects in the JCPOA which he is asking European allies to help fix: the deal's failure to address Iran's ballistic missile program; the terms under which worldwide inspectors can visit Iranian nuclear sites; and "sunset" clauses under which limits on the Iranian nuclear program start to expire after 10 years. The prime minister also commented on his "chemistry" with Trump, saying that he appreciates the president's no-nonsense style.

The move is the latest in a series of measures by Washington aimed at dealing with one of the greatest diplomatic hurdles before Donald Trump's administration, to contain the regime in Iran while keeping up to America's worldwide commitments within the JCPOA. However, Iranian President Rouhani has said he wouldn't be the first to abandon the deal and has informed the United Nations Atomic Energy Agency that it will continue to comply with the deal's terms.

Israel does not partake in the talks directly but is updated on any progress regarding the negotiations.

As Tillerson was replaced by CIA Director Mike Pompeo, a vocal opponent of the JCPOA, Votel warned that a breakdown of the deal would mean the US needed to find another solution to address accusations that Iran was planning to build nuclear weapons, charges that Tehran has vehemently denied.

In his speech, Pence echoed Trump's description of the deal as "disastrous". Earlier this year, the President waived sanctions to give our lawmakers and our allies time to act.

Republicans in Congress have tried to sabotage the deal by passing sanctions against the country's ballistic missile program, as well as sanctions meant to stifle financing of Iran proxy Hezbollah.

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