Jhene Aiko Denies Rumors of Big Sean's Alleged Cheating

Jhene Aiko Shoots Down Rumour that Big Sean Cheated on Her

Jhene Aiko Shoots Down Rumour that Big Sean Cheated on Her

One fan wrote, "We all knew Big Sean didn't do it because Black men don't cheat", while another tweeted, "I didn't need Big Sean to cheat on Jhene for me to know that men are trash".

"They were all over each other and looked really comfortable around each other". According to the reports, no phones were allowed at the exclusive industry event, but the source claims that Sean and Scherzinger looked incredibly cozy together, nearly as if they were dating. "I still love you tho", she tweeted on Monday. The Internet is a wild place.

A fan discovered that singer Jhene Aiko had unfollowed her boyfriend, rapper Big Sean, on Instagram and deleted some photos of them together from her feed, and fans started to assume the worst about their current relationship status.

Social media responded to the alleged cheating rumours by bringing up past stories regarding Jhené Aiko having cheated on her former husband with Big Sean, before she filed for divorce at the end of 2016. The couple took to Twitter to shut down recent rumors that he cheated with Nicole Scherzinger.

Big Sean simply retweeted one of Jhene's messages with a few hand clap emojis, giving the impression that all is well with the two-some.

Then the blog anonymously (and erroneously) claimed Aiko was hurt by the reported flirting: "She was pissed, she confronted him about it, and he didn't really deny it".

While Sean was in the States allegedly getting cozy with Scherzinger, Aiko has been busy on tour for her latest album, Trip as well as promoting her new book of poems, 2Fish.

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