Tom From Queer Eye Just Got Engaged

Five better attend their wedding! By Amelia Mc Bain Tue

Five better attend their wedding! By Amelia Mc Bain Tue

Tom Jackson became a fast fan favorite (and even brought the Fab Five to tears) when the vehicle enthusiast and grandfather underwent a huge transformation for the first episode of the Netflix reality reboot.

At the end of the episode, Tom also found it in himself to ask his ex-wife Abby on a date.

"It's official, Abby and I are engaged", he tweeted with a photo of the happy couple.

In his post, Tom hinted that the Fab Five should plan his wedding and they should all do a Netflix special out of it which, yeah alright, is probably a bit of a reach in fairness.

"I'd love for Bobby be best man, and the other 4 be my grooms men". Tom announced on Twitter on Monday that he and Abby are about to tie the knot, and our cold, dead hearts will now be forever warmed.

Thanks to Jackson's active Twitter presence, fans have been obsessed with the status of this relationship, a plot point that has extended long after the show's very bingeable debut.

Look, maybe he's just angling for another 15 minutes-but the culmination of this whirlwind will-they, won't-they romance, which has been almost as compelling as the (very compelling!) new Queer Eye, probably would make for a heartwarming Netflix special. What a roller coaster of emotions!

In fact, Jackson said he'd like the show's stars-Karamo Brown, Antoni Porowski, Bobby Berk, Jonathan Van Ness and Tan France-to be his groomsmen, with Berk serving as best man.

Tom's tweets don't stop there, though.

Relive the original Fab 5's reunion, below. Deep down inside, we always knew we couldn't have nice things, didn't we?

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