Fortnite is coming to iOS, will sport across with PC and PS4

Fortnite on iOS

Fortnite is coming to iOS, will sport across with PC and PS4

At one point, National Football League player JuJu Smith-Schuster and rapper Travis Scott joined in to play.

Only major eSports tournaments can begin to touch this new record, as the all-time highest number of concurrent viewers for all streams is still held by Eleague Major: Boston 2018 at a lofty 1.1 million viewers. When Ninja asks, "Does pineapple belong on pizza?"

Speaking during the stream, Drake said he had been playing Fortnite for a couple of months and had used it during breaks from recording sessions to relax.

Also, we got to hear a bit of commentary from Drake and Ninja.

Fortnite Battle Royale is a pleasant surprise on iPad and iPhone. The concept is to have one celebrity paired with a professional player, and then letting them have it, last pair standing and all that jazz.

Adding to the entertainment value of the streaming session was the fact that Drake was actually already a decent player of "Fortnite: Battle Royale".

Drake now has more than 36 million followers on the social network. Though the game servers experienced downtime Thursday evening due to the surge of traffic from mobile downloaders, the issues aren't entirely related to server problems. Considering how Fortnite players can utilize a shrub as an in-game item to hide themselves, it's understandable that getting tricked by a bush that suddenly appeared would be frustrating, let alone how jarring it could be to see a part of the environment show up out of nowhere.

When visiting the App store, we noticed the compatibility list states that devices as low as iPhone 5S can run Fortnite. The recent mobile version of Fortnite launching is also a pretty big deal, especially as it allows cross-play; there are a lot of people on a lot of different platforms trying to play the same game.

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