New WhatsApp features for Android & IOS: group description feature & how it works

WhatsApp has dramatically increased the timeframe available for users to delete sent messages

WHATSAPP • APPLEWhatsApp has dramatically increased the timeframe available for users to delete sent messages

All you need to do is to add a description to your WhatsApp Group, simply tap the Group Info and add a description in the box below the thumbnail image of the group. The latest update will now enable WhatsApp users to switch to video call whenever their device is getting ample Wi-Fi or mobile internet speed. WhatsApp new updates for android include features such as group description and easier video calling. The feature, when started, was a part of the WhatsApp beta version 2.18.54 on Android and WhatsApp beta version 2.18.28 on Windows Phone. This feature works similar to how we add description to our personal profiles. The ability of adding a description is not just limited to admins of the group, but the members can add one too. Along with the admin, the new feature will allow all users of the group to change the Group Description. After you change the description of the group, everyone in the group including yourself will get a notification stating - "Sneha changed the group description". Reports say that the description can be of maximum 512 characters.

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The app also gives the facility of searching group participants directly from the search bar on the group info screen.

WhatsApp's video and voice calling features have been around for quite some time. To toggle between the voice and video call, users will have to tap on a tab that will appear during a call.

So, in the future whenever you'll make a voice call to a friend on WhatsApp, you will get a button on the app screen to switch to video mode.

WhatsApp, a popular messaging app that competes with the likes of Hike, Google's Allo and Viber in India, started offering video calling feature in November previous year.

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