White House investigating $500 million in loans to Kushner's family business

White House investigating $500 million in loans to Kushner's family business

White House investigating $500 million in loans to Kushner's family business

The Office of Government Ethics has revealed that attorneys at the White House are examining whether loans to the company owned by Jared Kushner's family violated federal ethics regulations or criminal law.

Moreover, he also added that the White House has confirmed and informed him that the process has already started, which means that the process of scrutinizing is already there and has begun.

Now surely we can't expect Don McGahn to find anything wrong with it, but the Office of Government Ethics might, and so might a Congressional inquiry.

Abbe Lowell, an attorney for Kushner, told The Wall Street Journal that when the loans were first reported the White House concluded there were no issues.

Krishnamoorthi, an Illinois Democrat, had asked Apol on March 1 about a New York Times report in February that Kushner Cos. accepted $184 million in loans from Apollo Global Management and $325 million from Citigroup previous year over a span of several months after Kushner met with officials from the two firms.

Apollo said negotiations for a loan it made through ARI - a real estate-investment trust managed by an affiliate that helped refinance a Chicago skyscraper - were conducted without involvement of any member of the Kushner family.

Even as White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders firmly denied any formal investigation into Kushner, she acknowledged that the White House Counsel's office often plays a role in checking whether ethics guidelines have been met by administration officials. Citigroup has said that the two did not discuss the pending loan at their meeting. Citigroup and Kushner Cos. closed on the deal later that month.

In February, according to the New York Times, the Citigroup gave Kushner Cos along with one of its partners, a lump sum amount of $325 million as loans.

Citigroup also recently loaned $200 million for a New Jersey building partly owned by Kushner Companies and Jared Kushner. The lawmaker asked earlier this month the Office of Government Ethics for an opinion about possible ethical issues surrounding Kushner's meeting with executives while they provided the loans to his family business, the Journal reported.

In their letter Tuesday, Krishnamoorthi and Cummings raised concerns that White House lawyers had previously ignored requests for information about Kushner "given the increasing number of allegations about Mr. Kushner using his role in the White House to benefit his family's company".

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