Mike Myers resurrects Dr. Evil on 'Tonight Show'

He said his campaign slogan would be'Make the world evil again

He said his campaign slogan would be'Make the world evil again

Fan favorite: Myers introduced the character of Dr. Evil on the April 4 episode of the late-night talkshow, sitting down for a postmortem chat with the charismatic host.

"The big story is still President [Donald] Trump and all the turnover in his administration", Fallon told his audience. Tech rivalries spill into Washington Maher calls for "affirmative action" for conservatives in show business Bannon: "If Kelly leaves White House, Trump won't replace him MORE got that job", Myers as Dr. Evil said in the bit, ensuring to give a devious chuckle and raise his pinky to his lips, two of the evil mastermind's signature moves.

The supervillain also took credit for Trump's military "space force" - along with "all the most evil plots". Evil was the one who came up with the idea of banishing Dreamers, and he replied, "No, Jimmy, even I have my limits". "But I wanted it to be a moat filled with spiky blowfish", he said. "I wanted Alec Baldwin to pay for it", declared Dr Evil, with his trademark sinister laugh. Evil took credit for Trump's proposed "Space Force" (Trump literally wants the USA army to go into space), and "all the most evil plots".

When asked what he was going to do after leaving the Trump administration, Dr. "I'm evil but I'm not a monster", he said.

During his short cabinet gig, Evil got along well with HUD Secretary Ben Carson, what with them both being "evil doctors who did not know why they were there". And you remember when he spent $30,000 of taxpayers' money on an office chair?

He also made a quip about the president's son, saying, "Don Jr.?"

"He looks like he's missing a facial feature", Dr. "Make the world evil again". Instead, he plans continue being disgusting to everyone around him.

"Plus, I found the flawless running mate, the only man is who is more hated than Donald Trump - Mark Zuckerberg", he joked, referencing the recent Facebook data sharing scandal.

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