Russian Federation says Israeli war planes attacked Syrian regime air base

Russian Federation says Israeli war planes attacked Syrian regime air base

Russian Federation says Israeli war planes attacked Syrian regime air base

Britain was the latest country to urge a "strong" response to accusations that dozens of people were killed by poison gas in Douma, a battered opposition-held town near the capital.

The statement also slams the United States for its support for Israel's 'dangerous, aggressive approach.' The Syrian Arab Republic has again called upon the Security Council to fulfill its responsibilities in the maintenance of worldwide peace and security, to condemn this blatant Israeli aggression and to take resolute and immediate action to prevent the recurrence of such attacks.

Russian Federation and Syria blamed Israel for a deadly airstrike on one of Bashar al-Assad's air bases Monday, which comes two days after an alleged chemical attack that killed at least 40 near Damascus.

On Monday, at least 14 members of the Syrian regime army and its allies were killed in a missile attack on the T-4 military base in Homs province, which came after an alleged chemical attack in eastern Ghouta's Douma that killed over 70 civilians. According to the ministry, the jets fired eight guided missiles but five of them were shot down by the Syrian Air Defence before they hit the airfield.

But it has pledged not to allow Iran, whose allied Shi'ite militias fight in support of Assad, to establish a military foothold in Syria and it has carried out scores of strikes against suspected arms convoys believed destined for Lebanon's Hezbollah terrorist group. Washington and Paris denied any involvement.

Trump is expected to announce if the going to take any retaliatory measures against Syria for the chemical attack.

"However, we continue to closely watch the situation and support the ongoing diplomatic efforts to hold those who use chemical weapons, in Syria and otherwise, accountable".

A statement from the Lebanese Armed Forces says the warplanes stayed in Lebanese airspace for about 10 minutes, starting at 3:25 am on Monday before leaving.

Macron said in February "France will strike" in the event of lethal chemical weapon attack on civilians by government forces in Syria.

Also, Syria stressed that the Israeli aggression on the T-4 Airport in the countryside of Homs would not have been possible without the United States limitless support.

Washington delegated Tel Aviv to conduct an airstrike on the Syrian T-4 airbase, Syrian military analyst Brigadier General Muhammed Mulhem told Sputnik Arabic, suggesting that the Trump administration wants to avoid direct confrontation with the Russian Armed Forces in the Arab Republic.

Lebanon's National News Agency on Monday said Israeli warplanes were flying near the country's border with Syria.

President Donald Trump called the airstrike "mindless" and blamed Russian President Vladimir Putin as "responsible" for supporting the attack.

Syria is an ally to Russian Federation.

On Sunday, state media announced a deal was agreed for Jaish al-Islam to leave Douma within 48 hours and release hostages it was holding.

"We tried to send people to the area to rescue the injured, but even the rescue workers began suffocating", said Mohamed Samer, a medical worker in Douma.

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