FBI Seized Recordings Between Michael Cohen And Stormy Daniels' Former Lawyer

Michael Cohen President Donald Trump's lawyer doesn't want

FBI Seized Recordings Between Michael Cohen And Stormy Daniels' Former Lawyer

Cohen has been Trump's personal lawyer for years and has acknowledged making a $130,000 payment before the 2016 election to porn star Stormy Daniels, who says she had a tryst with Trump a decade ago.

Earlier this day, White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders failed to confirm whether Cohen continues to serve as President Donald Trump's personal attorney despite being the subject of a criminal investigation. "His attorney-client privilege is no greater than any other person who seeks legal advice", he said. A brief they filed in response to Cohen's court action revealed that he'd been under investigation for months and that the FBI had searched multiple email accounts.

In rsquo Friday &;therefore submitting, prosecutors accused Cohen's attorneys of creating the & ldquo; rdquo & unprecedented; assert that they ought to settle on which records are privileged, or make the decision to a venture.

Public corruption prosecutors in the US attorney's office in Manhattan are trying to determine, according to one person familiar with the investigation, if there was any fraud related to payments to McDougal and Clifford.

Cohen often recorded telephone conversations both before and during the 2016 presidential campaign that also could have been scooped up in the Federal Bureau of Investigation raid on his apartment, office and hotel room, sources told CNN. Those emails, they said, indicated that Cohen was "performing little to no legal work, and that zero emails were exchanged with President Trump".

According to the report, prosecutors are building a "significant case" against Cohen that "could put pressure on him to cooperate and tell investigators what he knows". Information deemed to be germane to the criminal investigation would not be protected by attorney-client privilege. The judge, who didn't immediately rule, ordered him to appear at another court hearing Monday on the issue to help answer questions about his law practice.

Cohen wants Wood to let them or a "special master" review the seized materials to decide what can be turned over, without violating the right of his clients to shield communications with their lawyers. Cohen was known to record other types of discussions and communications too, which sources say, could include communications with Trump.

Keith Davidson, the lawyer who represented Daniels at the time, also represented the Playboy model with whom Broidy had an affair. When he introduced himself to the judge to ask to be heard, Wood seemed to indicate that she was already aware of his identity.

He said he should be allowed to represent the interests of Daniels. The president's lawyers have said they want to review the documents that were confiscated.

Although the U.S. Attorney's Office conceded on Friday that it has not yet filed charges, prosecutors wrote they are "constrained from disclosing certain facts that would provide the court with a more complete factual background".

Cohen is being investigated for possible bank fraud, wire fraud and violations of campaign laws, according to people familiar with the matter.

In their search Monday, investigators also sought to obtain records relating to Cohen's ownership of taxi medallions, high-value assets that are often used as collateral for loans, according to people familiar with the matter.

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