Get to know the Google app that automatically rejects spam calls

Get to know the Google app that automatically rejects spam calls

Get to know the Google app that automatically rejects spam calls

The Washington Post reported Thursday on rumors about Google's Gmail revamp, and TechCrunch and the Verge got their hands on supposed screenshots of the updated design and new features. The company isn't revealing exactly what the new design for Gmail looks like. The "Compact" view will remain the closest to the current Gmail design, while displaying the most messages on screen. Some of the features of the new Gmail were detailed in media reports.

A new snooze feature lets you temporarily remove emails from your inbox until you are ready to go through them and reply. This will thus help sort out the emails that lay the utmost importance for a given point of time. Delving further into the redesign we find that there are new features, including self-destructing emails. This is a helpful feature as users will be eligible to send a reply to an email with one mere click.

"We're working on some major updates to Gmail (they're still in draft phase)", a Google spokesperson confirmed on Wednesday. You can access your calendar directly from the Gmail interface.

The report says some people who pay for Google's suite of services, called GSuite, received messages asking if they wanted to participate in a program to preview upcoming changes - including a Gmail redesign.

Google is said to be planning to roll out the new look of Gmail to G Suite and regular users over the coming weeks, though no specific date has been mentioned yet. The new design is now being tested inside Google and with trusted partners.

At the time of writing, it still remains to be seen exactly when Google will launch the new Gmail web interface. While sharing this new development, Google has also hinted about three possible changes, which would be implemented in the new design. Despite already having add-ons from third-party services, the redesign will soon feature an add-on that integrates the following: Google Tasks, Google Calendar, and Google Keep.

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