EU wants Zuckerberg to give evidence over Facebook data scandal

EU wants Zuckerberg to give evidence over Facebook data scandal

EU wants Zuckerberg to give evidence over Facebook data scandal

Some questions were good, many were benign, one or two were weird and some betrayed a total lack of understanding of the digital age. You didn't know how many apps you need to audit.

"The culture has always been focused on driving usage, on getting more people to use and how to get them to spend longer on the platform", he said. Zuckerberg was seemingly prepared for questions on a range of issues from Cambridge Analytica to Facebook's default-privacy settings.

Analysts and investors keep close tabs on Facebook's user statistics as a way to gauge the company's financial health.

But here's the bad news, Facebook is still considered the "worst performer among big tech stocks", according to CNN Money.

"Facebook hearings demonstrate that concerns remain over compliance with rigorous European Union data privacy standards", Tajani said in a tweet Thursday. It pays third-party websites and mobile apps to let it place "cookies" and invisible pixels - as well as "like" and "share" buttons - on them. Facebook responds with periodic redesigns that often reset people to "sharing" their data with advertisers by default.

For instance, technologist Daniel Kahn Gillmor from American Civil Liberties Union recounted to the AP how he once got an unsolicited email from Facebook encouraging him to join.

Then the senator got straight to the point.

Laidlaw said while she doesn't agree with most of Zuckerberg's statements during the hearing so far, she agrees with him on this. "I started Facebook, I run it, and I'm responsible for what happens here". But in a previously undisclosed detail, Facebook also notes that a "small number of people" gave the quiz access to their Facebook timeline, posts, and private messages-which may have included my personal messages and posts as well.

"Nothing is unsafe about that", Zuckerberg replied, explaining that these were mistakes.

The huge social network has begun alerting some users about whether their data was leaked to the British firm Cambridge Analytica. So grab your popcorn, this is what you missed at the Mark Zuckerberg questioning. They have already heard from the whistleblower who brought the firm's data-gathering activity to light, Christopher Wylie.

But that's not entirely true. "A lot of that depends on you".

Ali Mogharabi: CEO and co-founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg testified in front of Congress yesterday and answered questions about the latest data breach issue that involved Cambridge Analytica. Check out our guide to downloading your Facebook data, and if you feel uncomfortable about what you find, here's how to delete, disable, or limit your Facebook account.

"So you're directing people that don't even have a Facebook page to sign up for a Facebook page to access their data ..."

Seemingly unimpressed, Republican Senator John Thune of South Dakota said Zuckerberg's company had a 14-year history of apologising for "ill-advised decisions" related to user privacy. has sought comment from Facebook about its use of shadow profiles. The hearings were meant to inform lawmakers of Facebook's approach to data handling and privacy in the wake of recent revelations that political consulting firm Cambridge Anlaytica improperly obtained data on up to 87 million Facebook users from the academic, Aleksandr Kogan.

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