Penguin takes part in March for Science

Scientists academicians protest against government’s “anti-science policies” in Delhi on Saturday

Scientists academicians protest against government’s “anti-science policies” in Delhi on Saturday

Oceans absorb carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and their pH has dropped, affecting ocean organisms such as mollusks and corals, Cigliano said.

She says thanks to the federal government's multibillion-dollar investment into scientific research across Canada, it's the flawless time to celebrate the investment while also asking for more support to tackle big problems such as climate change and increase the number of jobs in the scientific community. He recommended they go to the websites or "We want action", said a rallier.

The second March for Science was organised here on Saturday at the Elliot's Beach, with over 200 persons participating. Worldwide attendance was an estimated 1 million people in 2017. Much of this guide is specific to the US government.

"Scientists, we are all here today because staying isolated in our labs and our offices, relying on others to tell our stories and interpret our research, is not working", said Crystal Dilworth, a molecular neuroscientist and science communicator.

"We need to let members of Congress.and the president and everyone in Washington and Harrisburg that we're here and if you vote against science and you vote against education and the environment, we're going to vote against you", he said.

"I also feel passionately about science education", she added.

Scientists also pointed out that educational and scientific institution have also come under attack not only in funding but also as regards academic freedom, autonomy and democratic functioning, even while school textbooks are being rewritten with false history, a communally jaundiced view and irrational ideas. "We need to make sure their climate policies benefit us and not the polluters or the corporations". "Whether it's gun control or climate change, the government is limiting research because they're afraid of the answers". "It's not just about investment in's about stipulation to fact, to truth, to knowledge, to science".

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