France's Macron says he convinced Trump to keep troops in Syria

France's Macron says he convinced Trump to keep troops in Syria

France's Macron says he convinced Trump to keep troops in Syria

French President Emmanuel Macron on Sunday said he had convinced U.S. President Donald Trump to keep troops in Syria for the long term and limit joint strikes to chemical weapons facilities.

"But it was the world saying that we have had enough of the use of chemical weapons, the erosion of that taboo that has been in place for 100 years has gone too far under Bashar Assad", he said.

The U.S., France and the United Kingdom launched the airstrikes early Saturday in a joint operation, saying it was in response to the deadly chemical attack on Syrian civilians - an attack they linked to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

The report said that for now France did not have chemical samples from the attack site analyzed by its own laboratories yet. Trump's new tweet seemed to backtrack from the bellicose one of Wednesday in which he suggested to Syria and its ally Russian Federation that a United States attack over the alleged chemical weapons assault on civilians was all but imminent.

"We convinced him it was necessary to stay".

"Ten days ago, President Trump said the USA's will is to disengage from Syria".

"The U.S. mission has not changed - the President has been clear that he wants United States forces to come home as quickly as possible", press secretary Sarah Sanders said in a statement.

Appearing live on French television BFM and online investigative site Mediapart, the 40-year-old leader said the US, Britain and France had "full global legitimacy to intervene" with the strikes, to enforce worldwide humanitarian law. "We are determined to completely crush ISIS and create the conditions that will prevent its return", she said. Stoltenberg said: "Before the attack took place last night, North Atlantic Treaty Organisation allies exhausted all other possible ways to address this issue to the U.N. Security Council but ... were blocked by Russian Federation ..."

He said that in order to find a lasting solution in Syria, "we need to talk with Iran, Russia and Turkey".

On Thursday, sitting in a primary school in Normandy where he was giving his first TV interview in months, Macron said France now had proof the Syrian government had been involved. "We have three members of the (United Nations) Security Council who have intervened".

Saturday's strikes on Syria were the first major military operation since Macron's election in May a year ago.

Macron said in a written statement that the attack had been limited to Syria's chemical weapons facilities and said the facts and the responsibility of the Syrian regime were beyond doubt.

French President Emmanuel Macron attends a meeting as part of the joint airstrike operation by the British, French and USA militaries in this picture obtained on April 14, 2018 via social media.

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