Harry, Meghan choose wedding photographer with royal link

Jessica Mulroney posing in a green suit

Jessica Mulroney | Jessica Mulroney via Instagram

A Random Encounter, which co-stars soon-to-be Royal Meghan Markle, is heading to DVD and Digital platforms just in time to get you in the mood for the upcoming Royal Wedding.

Rosie Ginday, born in the United Kingdom to Punjabi parents, is among 1,200 members of the public to be invited to the royal wedding on May 19 in recognition of the impact they make in their community. She said that she met the couple at an event in Birmingham in March this year. "It's really exciting to receive this invitation and be acknowledged in this way".

The designer, who has luxury boutiques in London, Bath, Leeds and Edinburgh, went on to say that she thinks Markle will have a "beaded skirt that'll be attached at the waist, but will come very wide away from the body", adding that it'll "go right round into a huge train at the back, so when she walks you've got this attractive silhouette of her really slim body".

"As a royal town it is part of who we are to play host to global events just like the royal wedding and I look forward to the world's eyes once again turning to Windsor on 19 May".

Her company's 'Macaroons that Make A Difference (MacsMAD)' training courses enable long-term unemployed young people to build their confidence and skills to become work-ready.

Jessica Mulroney and Meghan Markle in a car
They have a very special bond. | Jessica Mulroney via Instagram

Among the other members of the public who have been invited to watch the wedding from outside the chapel are 12-year-old Amelia Thompson who was caught in Manchester terror attack in 2017, and Zoe Ardunell, a volunteer at Valley Kids charity, which helps disadvantaged families.

Alexi Lubomirski, the fashion photographer who did Harry and Meghan's stunning engagement photoshoot, will capture the couple on their wedding day.

The wedding will, however, not include any political leaders from United Kingdom and overseas.

Meghanmarkle was seen in Chicago Thursday only weeks prior to her imperial wedding Prince Harry to finalize her app reports claimed.

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