IRS Awards Tax Filing Extension for Santa Barbara County

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IRS Awards Tax Filing Extension for Santa Barbara County

The usual April 15 deadline falls on a weekend this year - Sunday, to be exact. This includes 2017 individual income tax returns normally due on April 17, 2018.

For those people who failed to file their return for 2014, this is the last filing season you can still do so and get your refund if one is owed. The IRS expects more than four out of five tax returns will be prepared electronically using tax software.

Almost 1 in 10 tax filers takes advantage of an even further delay that IRS automatically grants: The 6-month extension.

You can submit the form electronically through the IRS website before midnight on April 17.

Representatives with Quality Tax Service also advise residents and small business owners to hold on to all receipts and invoices. Seek help. 5. If you do have issues with the IRS, help is available and programs are in place so that you can become compliant again. "We got hammered Friday and Saturday", Cauble said.

Taxpayers have until Tuesday to file. And that gives everybody an additional day to file their taxes, he said.

Both the Rockingham County Sheriff's office and the Staunton Police Department said they have received complaints from people who are getting scam calls. The longer you wait, the better chance there is that someone will steal your identity and file a return in your name in an attempt to snag a refund, Joseph said.

Unbeknownst to most folks, specific items, if found in your return, may trigger an audit. The vehicle allows you to put money or highly appreciated securities into the account, take the deduction in the year that you do so, but then gift to your favorite charity whenever you want in the future.

Consumers should pay particular attention to how they budget their larger paychecks to make sure the extra money that would have ended up in their tax refund check doesn't get spent mindlessly. If you can file your taxes on time, you should.

But filing your taxes is something that Cauble recommends you do before the state and federal deadline this week. Life changes, coupled with adjustments made to withholding tables by the IRS in concert with the new tax law, mean many Americans run the risk of having either too much or too little money taken out of their paychecks.

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