Justin Bieber Allegedly Just Punched Out a Man

The event takes place in California

The event takes place in California

Justin Bieber has been accused of punching a man in the face after the stranger "grabbed a woman by the throat".

Sources familiar with the situation tell us Justin and a friend showed up at a party Saturday night hosted by Patrick Schwarzenneger. According to the source, the woman "appeared to be the man's ex-girlfriend". Justin hopped in, yelling at the man to let the woman go, but the man refused to and allegedly told Justin to "go fuck yourself".

Justin Bieber allegedly just punched out a man who was assaulting a woman at a Coachella party.

The man supposedly shouted obscenities at Bieber, warning that he mind his own business, to which the star retaliated by throwing him against the wall and hitting the man in the face.

The guy was thrown out of the party at that point, and later - while chasing a vehicle that he believed Justin was riding in - the man was arrested by the cops. He yelled the singer's name as he started hitting the vehicle. The man was eventually arrested when cops arrived on the scene.

Meanwhile, the singer has been spotted thoroughly enjoying himself at Coachella; rocking about the place in a very colourful outfit and being filmed by other festival-goers letting his hair down and having a dance.

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