Police make several arrests Saturday for assault

Man, 52, accused of sexually assaulting 11-year-old girl in Baytown in 2016

Friend rapes, confines teen in Sultanpuri

Kordek allegedly placed her into his auto and tried to sexually assault her.

The teenager reported the ordeal to the Sultanpuri police on Friday.

However, if survivors aren't comfortable speaking with police, that doesn't mean officers won't investigate a third-party report, he said.

The three agencies in Winnipeg that will be available for reporting in Winnipeg are Klinic Community Health Centre, Sage House at Mount Carmel Clinic and Heart Medicine Lodge, which is part of Ka Ni Kanichihk.

The woman was said to have been taken to a house nearby and sexually assaulted.

Chelsey Reid

Police said it will allow them to enter the information into a national database used to track violent offenders, the VICLAS system, and potentially "identify offenders or trends that might otherwise have gone unreported". "So it doesn't necessarily mean a criminal investigation, but I think it's a good way for us to get a sense of how much is happening in the community".

The Manitoba RCMP has developed a similar protocol alongside community victim service providers for third-party reporting in other areas of Manitoba.

A case of rape, confinement and assault has been registered.

Police say the alleged victim suffered a cut below his eye and the two suspects, aged 18 and 17, both from Brandon, were later arrested.

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