Primary school places: 86 per cent offered first choice in Herts


Montville Township High School Principal Douglas Sanford Credits Melissa Benno

In London, where competition for places at the top schools is particularly acute, around 1,365 more children got their most favoured school compared to a year ago. Parents must have received an email or letter with the decision refusing your child a place at the school for which you want to appeal.

School places must be accepted by April 30. Go to the school gates at pick-up time and talk to parents with children already at the school.

"We felt like our first advocation is for Youth's Benefit - that's our community, that's what we're promoting", MacMillan, whose children have also moved on from Youth's Benefit, said.

"A fist bump, a compliment, a high five - they are small gestures from a classmate that could make a big difference in a student's life when it comes to feeling connected and involved at school", said Hillsborough County Public School's Media Outreach, Tanya Arja. "They may be pleasantly surprised by what they see".

- If you feel you have no choice but to appeal, you must remember that you can only appeal to the schools to which you previously applied.

You'll find the deadline for making appeals from your local authority's website in the schools and education section.

Those unhappy about the school their child or children have been allocated in Reading can appeal here.

You have until May to appeal your child's school place.

Martinsville School Board Chairwoman Joan Montgomery maintains that the schools can cope with a proposed reduction of a little more than $10,000 in local funding. Although you might be unhappy with it, you run the risk of your child not having a school come September.

Your appeal must be heard within 40 days of an appeal being lodged, or before the end of the summer term, whichever is sooner.

"While most will be very pleased with the result of their applications, where places have been refused, applicants have the right of appeal to an independent admission appeal panel". You may want to employ a solicitor or member of a schools appeals organisation to help.

What happens if you lose an appeal?

Valdosta Board of Education Chair Liz Shumphard said board members are responsible for the decisions made in building the new VHS, and she said the students were on the forefront of the board's thoughts. You can remain on the waiting list as long as you like. "When they tell you to do something beyond class to showcase to other people and the world, then that causes one to think beyond the usual", he adds.

What if you're offered no place at all?

A good primary education lays the foundations for that success, so it is right that we help to make sure every child reaches their potential from the moment they enter their first classroom.

All 23 have been given places at schools local to their home addresses. "But I'm confident we'll gain as much, if not more, from the children themselves". Usually, a council will wait till several months to see how the situation pans out - not very helpful to stressed out parents!

For more information on how to join a waiting list and/or appeal go to: or phone the admissions team on 0300 412121.

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