USA to impose new Russian Federation sanctions over Syria: Haley

US destroyer launching cruise missile at Syria

US destroyer launching cruise missile at Syria

"Secretary Mnuchin will be announcing those on Monday if he hasn't already, and they will be going directly to any sort of companies that were dealing with equipment related to [Syrian President Bashar] Assad and chemical weapons use".

The US is set to impose more economic sanctions on Russian Federation for its support of Syrian President Bashar Assad, as the political fallout over the Syrian missile strike continues. "We wanted their friends Iran and Russian Federation to know that we meant business and that they were going to be feeling the pain from this as well".

In an indication that the West, too, would prefer to lower tensions, the United States and Britain both reiterated that their military action on Saturday was not aimed at Assad, Putin's ally, only at his use of chemical weapons.

"The Syrian raid was so perfectly carried out, with such precision, that the only way the Fake News Media could demean was by my use of the term 'Mission Accomplished, '" he tweeted. "It is such a great Military term, it should be brought back", he wrote.

Donald Trump's version 15 years later, after the US -led airstrikes on Syrian targets Saturday, may prove as fleeting as the tweet in which he wrote it, because as it stands, this mission, in effect, changes little.

The phrase is associated with President George W Bush, who used it in 2003 during the Iraq war but which dogged him for the rest of his presidency.

Yet again, the people of the Middle East have lived to see another "mission accomplished". But now that the strikes have happened, nearly all are urging the President to make his future plans in Syria clear and come to Congress for approval.

Haley insisted in multiple interviews on Sunday that the US's actions against the Syrian regime and its supporters, which include Russian Federation, have been aggressive.

"But we're not going to leave until we have accomplished those goals".

She said: "We can not stand by and let Russian Federation trash every global norm and allow use of chemical weapons to go unanswered".

Asked about US-Russia relations, US ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley said ties were "very strained" but that the United States still hoped for a better relationship.

"While Russia was busy protecting the regime, Assad took notice", Ms. Haley said.

Russian Federation called for an emergency session of United Nations Security Council on Saturday.

The attack on the buses came shortly after the United States, France and Britain struck regime sites in Syria in response to an alleged deadly regime chemical attack on the town of Douma on April 7. Its Defense Ministry said that a dozen cruise missiles had targeted Dumayr air base.

Given all of that, the last week has shone an enormous spotlight on the brutality of the Assad regime and the role Russian Federation and Iran have played in that - just when they were winning in Ghouta and the global community did not show any signs of responding.

"There's still a residual element of the Syrian program that's out there", Lt. Gen. Kenneth McKenzie, director of the Pentagon's Joint Staff, said on Saturday.

Mr. Nebenzia also said that the Western powers should not have acted until a chemical-weapons inspection team, which arrived in Syria on Saturday, had been given a chance to do its work. Despite Friday night's small scale use of force, Mercho fears what might happen if the Assad government were to fall.

Dr. Zaher Sahloul said he saw Syrian devastation firsthand when he traveled to the country on a medical mission two years ago.

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