Irish Beef To Be Allowed Back Into China

Donegal meat producer among first to enter the Chinese beef market

Irish Beef To Be Allowed Back Into China

"I look forward to seeing another five factories being approved by the Chinese authorities and I wish those involved in that process every success".

"Opening and developing new markets is also a key part of our response to the uncertainties arising from Brexit".

The country is Ireland's third largest market - a year ago our agri-food exports there were worth almost a billion Euro.

In total there are 25 plants throughout Ireland that have sought access to the market.

In 2000 China, along with the United States, banned imports of beef from the European Union because of mad cow disease. On Thursday (April 12th), the buyers will join 185 Irish food and drink buyers at the Convention Centre Dublin for a major one-to- one business development event involving 5,000 pre-scheduled Ôspeed- datingÕ style meetings.

In February, ABP signed a €50 million deal to supply beef to the restaurant chain Wowprime in self-ruled Taiwan, as well as the Chinese mainland.

The approval gives Ireland access to the world's fastest growing beef market and second largest importer for the first time.

Imports to China have increased from under 100,000 tonnes in 2012 to about 600,000 tonnes in 2016.

"It has taken a huge effort by Team Ireland; Ministers, Departmental and agency officials over several years to get beef market access to China over the line, and I want to thank each and everyone who has made a contribution to this effort", he said. On average Chinese beef consumption per capita is 4kg, compared to average Irish consumption of 19kg of beef per person per year.

Minister Creed will lead a trade mission to China next month to further built trade relationships with Ireland and continue dialogue with the Chinese government.

When asked what the message is now to Irish farmers, he said: "The message is, there are exacting demands in global markets and here is another really, really important market - probably the single biggest in volume terms - which is recognising that we are capable of meeting those exacting and demanding standards".

Dublin is hoping for approval for a further five plants, the report added.

The department will complete the final technicalities to allow trade to commence in the coming weeks.

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