PM Modi assures justice in the Kathua and Unnao rape cases

PM Modi assures justice in the Kathua and Unnao rape cases

PM Modi assures justice in the Kathua and Unnao rape cases

He attributed his own success to the chief framer of the Constitution. "We demand that you set a true example and prove that the current Indian government does care about the well-being and dignity of its children". "Babasahab has given us the Constitution". It is government's duty to protect your rights.

Pointing out that bamboo had earlier been placed in the category of trees making its cultivation impossible, the Prime Minister said that the relevant law has been amended enabling its cultivation and use.

Currently, 12 ISA countries, including Commonwealth countries Bangladesh and Malawi, want to purchase over 720,000 solar pumps through ISA. They knew that their behaviour would be endorsed by the politically powerful and those who have made their careers by polarising Hindus and Muslims across a sectarian divide. "In his usual rhetorical way he said", When a daughter comes home late, we're quick to ask them where they have been. "You need not pick arms and destroy your lives", he said.

Modi said the Dalit icon was instrumental in getting people from backward classes their rights.

However, National Security Advisor Ajit Doval is expert in defeating ISI stratagems and it is excepted that it will be ensured that the "no longer silent" majority of NRIs who are pro-Modi will mobilise in force and drown out the anti-Modi clamour in London. "Those who refused to bow down to this ecosystem didn't find place in books", Modi said.

Modi will be in London on 18 April, where he is also scheduled to make a globally televised address. It also aims to provide a cover of Rs5 lakh per family per year for secondary and tertiary healthcare for 10 crore poor and vulnerable families.

ISA is an inter-governmental treaty-based organisation that aims to mobilise Dollars 1 trillion in funds for future solar generation, storage and technology across the world. It will run until 5 May.

Prime minister, we write to you not just to express our collective sense of shame and not just to give voice to our anguish or lament and mourn the death of our civilisational values - but to express our rage.

"Ambedkar had a huge contribution in awakening the aspirations and expectations of millions of people like me".

He said the government was working with a different approach for 115 backward districts, which were categorised as "aspirational districts" and "ambitious districts". "I have come here to say that the Centre supports your dreams, aspirations and expectations".

Both Countries have a lot to gain from each other. "These three months have passed".

Besides that, a discussion on clean energy and smart cities is also in line.

"Partnering with like-minded countries and businesses who share the UK's commitment to delivering clean, affordable energy will help end poverty while also delivering benefits for the United Kingdom by opening up business opportunities for United Kingdom renewable energy and green finance companies", she said.

Under the Ayushman Bharat Scheme, there are two initiatives, of which one was launched today by the Prime Minister.

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