Twitter reacts to Bryce Harper's broken bat home run

Washington Nationals outfielder Bryce Harper


It was reminiscent of Barry Bond's broken-bat home run against the Marlins in 2002. The Washington Nationals slugger might have outdone himself tonight though. With AP Photos.This was shear power by Bryce Harper.

Harper went yard in his first at-bat against the New York Mets on Monday night.

All that was basically left in Harper's hands was the handle of the bat.

Of all the feats Bryce Harper has pulled off in his six-year Major League Baseball career, perhaps none has been quite as remarkable, impressive and downright preposterous than what he accomplished during Monday night during the Nationals-Mets game.

The ball sailed far over the wall in right center at Citi Field. Statcast projected the homer at 406 feet. Harper hit his major league-leading eighth home run, a solo shot in the first inning on a 95 miles per hour fastball from Jacob deGrom. This was the 2015 NL MVP's second homer in as many games.

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